Write for Us

We know about your ability and talent to write and certainly it is not something that comes very easily to all. You might be busy achieving your professional or personal goals, but we are calling out for the writer in you. We are inviting all writers with a hidden talent that needs to be nurtured and showcased at a platform that can offer you the maximum freedom, limelight and respect. Yes, our website offers all these and we are inviting you to write for us.

What are the benefits associated?

To be honest, there are no direct benefits for sharing your thoughts, experiences and stories on our site. But, there are several indirect benefits that value a lot more for people who value writing and are looking for a platform to elevate to a new level. The list of these indirect benefits goes as follows-

1. Learning

The day you stop learning in your life, you are finished. Learning is necessary at every stage until you perish. Once, you submit your write-up, our background team proofreads the write-up recommends or makes necessary changes before making it live. Learning about the editing process, understanding what mistakes you did, understanding the right time-frame when the write-up shall go live, etc., are some of the basic learnings you shall go through in the process of guest writing. There is a lot to learn and it completely depends on person to person basis.

2. Analyse your reader's reactions

We have a comment section linked with every post or write-up. It is good to have some positive comments about our write-up or a feedback at least to know where improvement is necessary or what is that we are doing so well. By going through comments left by our visitors or readers on your write-up (specifically), you can get more insight on how you can improve your writing and understand what makes you stand out in a crowd. Other blogging sites might just combine several to one and leave stranded to guess which comment was for you and which was for the other write-up by someone else.

3. Use my contacts to grow

I always have two eyes open for wonderful talent. I certainly know influential people in the industry after being in this industry for quite some time now. This will help you grow in the future if you plan to make this as your full-time career. There are several opportunities, you just must keep working on yourself and achieve the best you can, milestones are all yours!

4. Get popular get recognized

Since, there are no ads between the end of your write-up and the bio, more and more people will start knowing about you and your content. With increase in the overall traffic on our site every day, you are bound to get recognized and popular day by day. Use this platform and write for us to get some fame and recognition.

5. Sharing is caring

You must have a lot of knowledge, experiences and thoughts you are dying to share. We give you the right platform to share your write-up and become famous too with that. If you believe in sharing your travel experiences, tips/advises, inspirational thoughts, some helpful technology tricks, etc., just pour all of them here and you never know, you might have a long list of readers waiting for your next write-up.


* Article must be at least 600 words and not more than 2000 words. (You can also send images for your article).

* Content must be original, user friendly and attractive.

* Article must be related to technology, business, travel, social media, marketing & finance, lifestyle, entertainment and world.

* Copied or duplicate content will not be published.


Free of cost : Your content must be at least 600 words and maximum 2000 words. Alongside, you must send one image and author name. Remember, you will not get any backlink for your website.

Rs.1000/- : Your content must be at least 600 words and maximum 2000 words. You will get maximum 1 Do-Follow Link for your website. Alongside, you must send one Image and Author Name.

Rs.2000/- : Your content must be at least 600 words and maximum 2000 words. You will get maximum 2 Do-Follow Links for your website. Alongside, you must send one Image, Author Name and Author Bio Description.