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A Tour to the North – Escape into the Land You Had Been Waiting for

As the thought of North India comes, the first thing that one possibly visualizes is the breathtaking view of the intimidating peaks of the Himalayan range kissing the clear blue skies. If this is your first time that you are travelling to Northern part of India, it can offer you with all that you had been waiting for all this while. The North India tour packages are the best means to take a dip into the breath-taking beauty of this region of India. These packages are worth exploring if you’re planning your visit to North-India very soon.

What makes North India worth visiting?

The surreal beauty of the snow peaked mountain caps, the lush greenery, the wilderness or the frozen lakes, especially in Jammu & Kashmir, with the spine chilling cold and enticing beauty of the snowfall in Auli or Shimla is an unparallel experience during the winters.

What you should not miss by any chance?

North Indian Cuisine and Street Delicacies

If you have not yet explored the rocky terrains of the Himalayan range or the defying water rafting at Rishikesh, life has probably a lot in store for you to experience. Besides the lush green meadows of Himachal Pradesh or the brown majestic rock cut outs of mountains in Uttarakhand, the delicacies of the North Indian street food are what have attracted a vast majority of food lovers from across the country.

To dip your taste buds into some of the popular dishes such as kachori chats, sarson da saag, dal makhni, butter chicken, rajma, chole or paneer and unleash the foodie in you, a trip to this part of the country is absolutely indispensable. Although you would find all varieties of cuisines here, no other part of the country is likely to make you fall in love with the vegetarian platter as you will find here.

Tribal Folk Music and the Forts of Rajasthan

As you trek through the serene valleys surrounded by the magnanimity of the mountain ranges all around, you would certainly be left with a bewildering experience all together which would entice you to taste the mystiqueness again and again.

The golden sands and tribal folk music besides the traditional Rajasthani food is yet another element that you may not want to skip when planning for your North India tour, be it with family or whether you are travelling solo or you are on your honeymoon trip. The massive forts that are time-swept offer an age old history that can be relived every time you visit the place. The rich flora and fauna, golden deserts and wildlife as well as age old monuments among other things stand testimony to the divinity and royal charisma of the region all together.

Any words would fall short of capturing the adulating beauty, majesty and the strikingly scenic beauty of North India. And if you are dying to take a peek of the same book the North India tour packages from a reliable tour operator and escape into the land of divine beauty.

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