The Most Promising E-learning Trends For 2018

For years, education at both the college level and the business level has been a routine with only a few changes. Two of the major changes that have occurred are price and effectiveness in career building. Every year thousands of young minds graduate with undergraduate degrees, go out into the world with open minds and the will to succeed. Then they realize that the college does not hold the level of prestige it once did. The same conversations come out of every industry; “You need experience to get the job, but no one will hire you without experience.” The vicious cycle of unemployment hits the new graduate in the face until they find a job outside their field.

What is the solution for this constant issue? Online education is in its infancy compared to traditional schooling, but it is already changing the face of the university system.

With new technological advances, it is becoming increasingly inefficient. Technology has brought entire lectures, textbooks, lessons, exams, tutoring sessions, and all the other tools into the student’s living room, bedroom, kitchen, closet, or even bathroom. A student can take any course using only their laptop and receive the same curriculum they would receive at a traditional four year university. In life and in business, efficiency is key to success. Traditional universities’ efficacy is being challenged by online education, and even the most prestigious schools have taken notice and have begun to adapt.

When it comes to businesses, their implementation of the e-learning concept trains their employees to the point where they feel much more confident in their newly acquired skills, so much that they all perform much better than traditional learners in the workspace.

Innovation keeps the world on its toes. The second a company relaxes, it falls behind. Blockbuster was the nation’s leader in video and game rentals, but they disregarded the innovative technology of streaming. Where are they now?

Online education is the definition of innovation for an industry that has been stagnant for centuries. Textbook companies, online learning communities like blackboard, and the universities are constantly creating new ways to educate their students. This has greatly improved the quality of education that is possible through online education.

Knowledge sharing platform Zeqr recently created an in-depth infographic covering all the details and stats revolving around e-learning, which we’re sharing with you down below, so let us know your thoughts!

The Most Promising E-learning Trends For 2018

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