Know - How to protect your photos from being duplicated on web

Camera is the second most used feature of a smartphone after internet. We do click photos everyday whether casually or for a particular official manner.

Some of them are saved, few are deleted plus part of them are shared and published online too.

So if you are a web geek, you might be quite familiar that anything published online can easily go viral and even can be copied easily. No one really wants their photos to be transcribed. So what are the solutions?

Here is the catalog of some listed solutions to preserve your mobile captured photographs easily.

Watermark for Long Haul:

It is the most commonly used and longstanding fix for preserving your images. All you have to do create or insert your company logo or cluster of words representing your identity behind it.

This cannot be easily removed from the photograph and will directly preserve it from being stolen.  Try to keep your watermark larger instead of smaller one, as the smaller watermarks can easily be removed but larger one’s cannot.

Authenticate with copyright:

If you have registered copyright for your company you can easily keep a copyright tag to your images before publishing. By doing this, you can even write your terms and conditions if being copied.

This will alert users that your image should not be copied and used without your permission. Additionally you can even add symbol of copyright in your publication details.

Inlay Trademark:

Trademarking your photographs will not only protect your photographs from getting stolen online, but it will also showcase your existence among the crowd. No matter you own a company brand or working as a freelancer for your hobby.

Adding a trademark will definitely make your photographs describe where it came from and to whom it belong.

Digital Signature:

Add your signature before publishing your work and creative online, as you all know anything published online can be easily copied and be used without your permission.

The pros of adding a digital signature not only helps you to preserve your images but even decorates your pictures stunningly.

How follow the above steps?

You can use third party tools and apps for the same. Many of them are available for Pc as well as for mobile phone.

So far I’ve discovered, these are the two tools

  • Visual Watermark for Pc.
  • Autostamper for Smartphone.

You can use both of these to customize your own logo, signature, watermark as well as copyright and trademark.

Features of Visual Watermark:

  • 260+ fonts
  • Adds custom watermarks
  • Works offline too
  • Saves templates for future use
  • Individual logo and text
  • Combination of logo and text
  • Available for windows as well as Mac

Features of Auto Stamper:

  • Copyright stamp
  • Trademark stamp
  •  Adds Logo as well as text
  • Varieties of color options
  • Stylish font formats
  • Available for Android as well as IOS

Author Bio:

I am Disha Parchani and have a keen interest in writing about latest Android Apps, tools, discovering new aspects of digital marketing as well. Currently I’ve been working on photography related software’s and discovered these two apps to protect photos from copyright infringement.

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