Impact of Mobile Technology On Life

Youths or elders everyone likes to flaunt the latest smart gadgets in front of their friends and near ones. Tech tycoons keep flooding the market with devices focused towards easing the user the widest and growing world of the internet. These devices are often described as mobile technology. The mobile technologies such as tablet and smartphone have made it easier for the users to connect and stay tuned with the latest happenings through online newspapers and more. While there are many pros of mobile technology, there are also some cons that are worth considering. Following are some pros and cons of mobile technology:

1. Location Sharing: With the mobile technology one can share and inform one’s close one about his/her where about by sharing location through GPS. This is one advantage of the mobile technology that has dragged many to it. However, the same technology can put one’s safety at risk. The location of someone can be hacked by mischievous person and used for wrong doing such as kidnapping and spying. There have been a lot of incidents in which people where spied through their own GPS.

2. Photo Storage: The advent of cloud technology allowed many to store end number of memories on cloud. The cloud technology of drop box, Google drive and more can be accessed through mobile technology. No wonder one can preserve as many memories as one wishes to, the technology can be threatening if hacked. Recently, there has been news of photo leak of celebrities through their iCloud and smartphone. In short, you may store photos on mobile technology; you have to extremely careful for it being leaked.

3. Connected Online: Disconnected Offline: The mobile technology has made it easier for far located relatives to stay in touch and communicate, but the same technology has brought differences between the closely situated relations. The mobile technology has provided people with an option to have their own virtual world where they can have better relations and share emotions and feelings. Somehow, this has led to poor communication between people living under one roof. The users of mobile technology are more inclined towards making new friends online rather than getting to know their neighbors.

4. The Pool of information: The internet is a pool of information or even an ocean of information. One can find almost everything online. Whether you are looking for some recipe or wish to learn how to make a shoe you will get all the information available online. There are always two aspects of information – the good and the bad. A thing learned at a right time is good for one. Similarly, a thing learned or exposed to before the time can have serious consequences. There is certain information available online that can put the life of kids at risk. For example, the availability of porn movies, erotic text, and drugs that are not approved by FDA such as male enhancement supplements and more.

It is utmost important to be careful of as how one chooses to use the mobile technology as it can have positive as well as negative impact on one.

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