Automatic washing machine - A complete solution to clean clothes

We cannot deny the fact that we all hate doing our laundry and that is why we often avoid it by delaying it. We avoid doing our laundry by engaging ourselves into some other work. As a result, there is a huge pile of clothes lying in our bathroom. Well, don’t worry, you are not alone, everyone does the same, until you get a perfect solution. The solution is here now! Videocon brings you fully automatic washing machine as a perfect solution to your problem. Now you can do your laundry and can get over it in a very short period of time that too without stressing about it. Now say good bye to your dingy stains as Videocon’s High quality range of fully automatic washing machine will remove the dirt & stains and gives your cleaner clothes.

Videocon fully automatic machines are available in two major types which are Front loading and top loading washing machine. They are engineered with the latest technology which promises to revolutionize the way you do your laundry. The features of the washing machines make them stand out in the market.

Delay start:

The function let you wash your clothes at your own convenience. You can program your washing machine before going out for a party or for a function. And when you come back, you get clean, ready to be hung clothes. The machine does all the work in your absence.

Memory back up:

This feature is very advantageous in case of power cuts. The memory back up feature makes sure that the washing machine starts its functioning from where it actually left before the power cut. You no longer have to worry about dealing with the settings all over again, once the power supply is back! Oh! Just enjoy your cup of tea.

Fuzzy logic control:

No one is sure about the quantity of the detergent to be use to wash ‘n’ number of clothes. The Videocon Washing Machine is incorporated with Fuzzy Control which informs you about the right amount of detergent and water.

Air Dry Function:

The Air dry feature in the fully automatic washing machine blows the atmospheric air into the tub through a uniquely designed lid.

With the above-mentioned features, it is evident that Videocon fully automatic washing machines are made to designed for perfection and are made to stand out in the crowd!

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