Privacy Policy

Our user's privacy is the foremost thing for us a website. We respect their privacy and make every effort to protect and safeguard their information on our site.

1. Contact information

The administrator or help desk team can be reached with the help of a button, which is the 'Contact Us' button on home page of the site.

2. What information do we collect?

We do not collect any information without consent or knowledge of our visitors. We seek their permission and only those information like e-mail id, contact information, their views/comments shared on specific posts, etc., are collected and stored.

3. External links

Our website may host links to other websites. They may be merchants, our sponsors, advertisers, partners or other websites. The privacy terms, policies, contact information, etc., may differ from the policies or policies of our website. It is highly recommended that you check with the privacy policy notifications of the landing sites before using it. We have no responsibility or make no representation to the policies, information and existence of external links.

4. E-mail addresses

E-mail addresses and names are not mandatory to use or browse content on our site. Your e-mail and name can be collected and stored by our site only with your consent or when you voluntarily subscribe or agree to become a member on our site.

5. Financial information

We do not request or collect any sort of financial information relating to payments or transactions. Any financial transaction that you and advertiser or merchant or any other party listed on our site via external links undergo is strictly between two parties which is limited to you and the other party (may be the merchant, advertiser, partner, etc.). Our website is not responsible or liable for misuse or disclosure of your financial information by the third party. Please consider reading and reviewing privacy policies of your merchant or other parties before making a financial transaction.

6. Cookies

Cookies can be defined as small data packets or files stored on your computer by the browser. These cookies help in enhancing your overall experience of the site. Cookies are used by most sites and we use them too. The external merchants or organizations or advertisers might use cookies too. You may want to consider setting of cookies, in case you wish to tweak the way they work.

7. Protecting and safeguarding your data

We care for your personal information and we make adequate arrangements to safeguard and protect your personal information. Well managed systems and physical procedures are utilized to protect your data from an unauthorized access. With the nature of internet being so public, communication between our site and you shall be non-confidential. As we cannot guarantee about the transfer of communication from your servers to our servers shall be secured from any sort of unauthorized access. Apart from your email address and name (that too on authorization) no data is stored by the website.

8. Changes in the Privacy Policy

We reserve to update or change or modify our privacy policies based on market developments and other factors. This can be done at any time and would not be subject to a notice to its users. Any updates regarding the privacy policy shall be posted here and they come into effect immediately.

9. Your acceptance

Your continuous use of the site is considered as your acceptance as we assume you understand the Privacy Policy of the site. Your continuous use also synchs with acceptance of our terms and conditions for using the website.