Karate is the Best Way of Achieving Self-Defense

Karate is the art developed in the Okinawa islands of Japan and it literally means empty hands. The art enables the Karate practitioners to defend themselves using their own body by using punches, kicks, locks, and throws, primarily without a weapon, which is what the empty hand symbolizes.

Here is how Karate is the best way of achieving self defence.


Karate teaches awareness of the situation through rigorous practice, simulations, and sparring. A karate practitioner is always taught not to be the first attacker and as a result, Karate practitioners develop the habit of analyzing situations and moving out of any situation that may be unpleasant. As they say in Karate the best block is to not be there.

Years of Training

Karate involves rigorous training over the years without any shortcuts, it might take people to reach a Karate Black Belt in 5 to 8 years and some very serious practitioners may reach their in around 3 years as well. However, with the years of training one learns the ability to strike and take strikes. A clean strike from a seasoned Karate practitioner is all it takes to finish an unwanted situation   


Karate places a lot of emphasis on conditioning. It starts with conditioning the body to be able to take hits and then eventually it is all in mind, the mind gets used to it and the years of rigorous conditioning makes one mentally tough to be able to take whatever comes in a Karate class or even in life. The real Karate practitioners are tough, they may not look like the bulky gym folks but Karate makes them tougher in body and mind.

Self Defense Moves

Karate also teaches a variety of self defence moves which are all present in the Karate forms commonly known as Kata. Kata is the predefined fighting patterns and Karate places a lot of emphasis on practicing Kata. Every Kata has its applications defined and by practicing these moves, one is eventually able to handle the common self defence situations with a lot of confidence.

Where to Learn?

A critical component of Karate is having a good instructor and partners to train, one needs a good training academy or Dojo as its known as. If you are looking for Self Defence training in Gurgaon then Sanshinkan provides the best training academy and instructors to pursue your dream of being good at Karate. Sanshinkan not only provides self defence training in Gurgaon but also helps corporates and groups to benefit from this training. Thus, do not wait for the best time to start your Karate journey, the best time is now and ends your search for the self defense training in Gurgaon with Sanshinkan Martial Arts. 

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