About Us

Writing is an art and it does not come so naturally to all. Some people have a special talent of writing but they can't identify a platform that can give them lime light. If you have the talent, we have the stage set for you. If you want to share your wisdom or knowledge or experiences with people, we have a platform for you. We are blogging site that promote guest contributions. You can share your write-ups on our blogging platform without having to invest any money or establishing a new website by yourself.

You need spend full time on managing the website, traffic and various other complicated issues as we do all these stuffs in the background. You will just have to work on your writing material with full focus and we will give you the platform and the limelight for the world to recognize you as a writer.

Why choose us?

No need to spend time and money

Handling a website isn't an easy task and there is a considerable amount of risk associated with it. We take over all the risk and complicated matters give you freedom to experiment with content genres, topics and your talent. This will ultimately give you a lot of knowledge and can be a stepping stone to a lot more bigger things!

Creating a new mark for you

Most blogging sites interrupt your readers with advertisements. These advertisements are not only annoying but are placed right after the content, following the bio or details of the writer. While the writers or contributors name can be easily skipped because of ads on other sites, we make sure this doesn't happen on our site. The last line of your write-up is followed by your details, which automatically attracts a reader's attention. This will eventually make you famous as readers will start bookmarking your work in their mind.


While other blogging sites can be biased in promoting their content or selected writer's content first, we treat everyone equal. In most blogging sites, you will find guest content especially content of new writers being published in some isolated corner where a reader isn't seeing it by mistake too. But, on our site, we make sure we give equal importance to every write-up material so that everyone has an equal opportunity to make their effort count.

Better co-ordination

Sadly, the website owner or publisher or the one who edits your write-up has very little co-ordination with you or a guest writer. So, content planned for later will be posted instantly (without your consultation) and the content planned for immediate posting shall be postponed to a few days later. This lack of co-ordination can make your write-up irrelevant. We work a lot more closely with our guest writers by giving them feedback, seeking their suggestions, facilitating better co-ordination to publish right content at right time, etc.

Guest blogging is a new concept and it isn't being implemented as it should be now. We attempt to make this more popular and create a win-win situation for us as well as for the guest writers who have the ability and talent to achieve something with writing!